Why I Support the
OneFPA Network

"What excites me most about this evolution is that we’ll have OneVision and OneVoice centered on FPA’s Primary Aim: to elevate the profession that transforms lives through the power of financial 
planning. This is our “why” as an association and it has tremendous power for the profession. The OneFPA Network is our “how” as we work to realize our Primary Aim TOGETHER." 

George Fernandez, CFP®

President, FPA of Greater Kansas City

"As someone in on the earliest OneFPA discussions (which emanated from the chapters, not  FPA National), I am so impressed with the work of my FPA associates! The care, effort and  thought put into this plan astounds me. We need bold change—a new structure that maximizes our resources and ensures all our ‘horses’ are pulling in the same direction." 

Leslie Beck, CFP®

Past President, FPA of New Jersey

“The OneFPA Network is a bold vision for transforming the professional association for CFP® professionals into the future.  Our profession is evolving and so too must FPA. The alignment and integration that the OneFPA Network will provide will not only improve communication among FPA members, but it will leverage the limited human and financial resources available to deliver value and enhance the member experience.”

Diane DeOliveira, CFP®, AIF®

Chair, FPA of New Jersey

“The OneFPA Network means we can be a community unified around our Primary Aim in service of an authentic profession that is better able to serve clients and build successful firms. It will allow us to be part of the whole while freeing our participation to flow among communities that energize us, give us the space to offer what we have, and get what is important to us individually as members.” 

Russell Kroeger, CFP®, EA

Advocacy Director, FPA of San Francisco

“I can remember numerous conversations throughout the years around the idea of being able to leverage our collective strengths across all FPA to help move the association and profession forward. What excites me about the OneFPA Network is that it has taken all these collective conversations and put them into action. The OneFPA Network is a way that we can not only move FPA forward, but our profession as well.”

Dennis Moore, CFP®

FPA Board of Directors

FPA of Dallas/Fort Worth

“In the corporate world, we work to customize the services that most impact the client and centralize/standardize those services that the client really shouldn’t care about, like administrative/support functions.

In FPA, we should consider our members as the ‘clients’ of the organization. If we were to centralize and standardize these administrative processes, freeing up chapter leaders and executives to focus more on member benefits, programs, etc. we’d have a much stronger association.”

Skip Schweiss

FPA Board of Directors

FPA of Colorado

“The OneFPA Network encapsulates the principles of specialization and exchange through centralized functionality, allowing chapter leaders to off-load many administrative burdens and spend their time on higher value activities – like creating an exceptional member experience. I truly believe that the efficiencies gained – not to mention cost savings – result in a better member experience and a more enjoyable leadership experience.”

Kimberly Bridges, Ph.D., CFP®, CPWA®, CDFA™

FPA Board of Directors

FPA of Greater Phoenix

“I strongly believe in the Primary Aim of our association: To elevate the profession that transforms lives through the power of financial planning. The OneFPA Network brings us together to meet that overarching goal. Pooling our resources and engaging all in governing our actions, we can be so much better. Those that are good can be better; those that need help can be elevated. Together we are so much stronger than as independent players.”

Dick Power, CFP®

FPA Board of Directors

FPA of Massachusetts

“The OneFPA Network will help our association stand out from the competition. All FPA communities and chapters will provide a consistent member experience throughout the organization. The programs and services delivered throughout FPA will demonstrate a unified and powerful OneFPA presence that showcases the strength of our members, now and into the future.”


Molly Balunek, CFP®

FPA Board of Directors

FPA of Northeast Ohio

“The OneFPA Network vision is a bold and necessary step to transform FPA into a 21st century organization. We will see improvement in the member and chapter leadership experience by removing obstacles that hindered collaboration, limited our buying power and created mind-numbing inefficiencies. If we can better serve and advocate for the profession with a shared vision and unified voice, we will be in a better position to truly elevate the profession.”

Rob Hernandez, CFP®

2018 Chair-Elect, FPA of Metro New York

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