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May 6, 2019

An Insider’s Look at the Development of the Second Iteration of the OneFPA Network Draft Plan

By Juan Munoz, CFP®, AIF®, CRC®, AAMS® | President, FPA of Houston

I was no different than some of my fellow FPA volunteer leaders when I learned about the OneFPA Initiative and – specifically – the original OneFPA Network draft plan. Like my peers, I wanted to understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ it will impact my local chapter.


FPA of Houston has been a successful chapter and has been running with limited need of any help from the outside. So, my first reaction was to get involved and to learn more about this initiative. FPA President Evelyn Zohlen, CFP® invited me to join the OneFPA Transition Task Force after sharing my initial concerns with her. I  accepted the offer and decided to join with an open heart, critical thinking and desire to be fair to all chapters as well as National. 


One of our first tasks was to pour over the comments collected throughout the four-month Listening Tour, which revealed several themes: chapters were concerned with controlling their finances, integration to one legal entity was a concern, chapter executives becoming FPA employees, and so on. As we started tackling these concerns I felt like the Task Force was truly listening and trying to figure out the best way to address these concerns. It was not an easy task at all because there were challenges that we needed to overcome while preserving the intent behind the OneFPA Network vision.


In only a few meetings, I could tell how the initiative started to change and details emerged regarding participatory governance and centralized functionality. The collaboration between the Board members and non-board members on the Task Force was seamless as we all knew that we were equally in charge to make changes to the draft plan. The idea that we were going to impact so many members – now and in the future – was not taken lightly, so our work was done professionally and thoughtfully.


I believe positive strides were made in the Second Iteration of the OneFPA Network Draft Plan and I hope members will recognize that changes were made based on the feedback received during the Listening Tour. I am certain there will be future changes to the plan, but I feel excited to see this initiative in action and hopefully see the association grow the membership in a more prosperous way.

  New Video Series Now Available!


Are you curious about the underlying tenets of the Second Iteration of the OneFPA Network Draft Plan? Watch our short video series about Participatory Governance, Beta Testing and Commitments and Agreements – and learn how they will ensure FPA’s viability, strength, impact and relevance.  

  Upcoming Events 


Join us for our second of two all-member virtual learning sessions on the Second Iteration of the OneFPA Network Draft Plan on Friday, May 24 at 11 am ET. This is your opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback directly. Click to register.

  OneFPA Network in the News 


Since its formal introduction in November 2018, the OneFPA Network has been covered widely across the financial advisor trade media. Click here to read the latest media coverage.

  Getting to know the OneFPA Network Task Forces and Committees 


Are you curious about the volunteers who are already working on the OneFPA Network plan details? The following committees and task forces are already up and running. Keep reading to learn more about the volunteer groups and the individuals who are responsible for making it a reality.       


The OneFPA Transition Task Force


The OneFPA Transition Task Force oversees all aspects of the development and implementation of the OneFPA Network. Currently, the focus of the Task Force is to monitor and assess the feedback we are receiving from FPA stakeholders with the goal of reporting potential modifications to the Board of Directors. The following volunteer leaders comprise the Task Force for 2019:


Mike Shockley, CFP® - FPA of Dallas/Fort Worth (Chair)*
Juan Munoz, CFP® - FPA of Houston
Howard Pressman, CFP® - FPA of the National Capital Area
Alexandria Cole - FPA of Northern California and NexGen Representative
George Fernandez, CFP® - FPA of Greater Kansas City
Nathan Greene, CFP® - FPA of Middle Tennessee
Kian Nobari – FPA of San Francisco
John Crosby, CFP® - FPA of New Jersey
Kimberly Bridges, Ph.D., CFP® - FPA Greater Kansas City*
Todd Stanard, CFP® - FPA of New Jersey*
Martin Seay, CFP – FPA of Greater Kansas City*
Dennis Moore, CFP® - FPA of Dallas/Fort Worth*
Karen McDade, CFP® - FPA of Greater Phoenix*
Dick Power, CFP® - FPA of Massachusetts*


*FPA Board Designee


The OneFPA Technology Task Force


The OneFPA Technology Task Force oversees the development and ongoing supervision of the OneFPA Technology Solution and other integrative OneFPA Network technology solutions. The OneFPA Technology Solution is the integrated technology and content platform designed to provide a one-stop location for information, content and all things FPA, which is intended to create a simpler and elevated member experience, brand consistency and message clarity. The following volunteer leaders comprise the Task Force for 2019:


Chris Draughon, CFP® - FPA of Northeast Florida (Chair)*
Karl Frank, CFP® - FPA of Colorado
Carole Bobke - FPA of Orange County
Jessica Hawthorne - FPA of Minnesota
Molly Balunek, CFP® - FPA of Northeast Ohio*
Kimberly Bridges, Ph.D., CFP® - FPA of Greater Kansas City*
Dan Skiles - FPA of San Diego* 


*FPA Board Designee


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