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January 27, 2020

The beginning of a New Year (and decade!) also brought with it the official start of the two-year OneFPA Network beta-test with 11 outstanding FPA chapters that will partner with FPA to test the elements of centralized technology, staffing and financial reporting. Each of these chapters, especially their volunteer leaders and chapter executives, will play a critical role in testing the efficacy of these core areas of the OneFPA Network vision to see what works, what doesn’t, and what will eventually be rolled-out to all FPA chapters once the beta-test is complete.


We will also work with the beta-test chapters to test other programs and initiatives that could be offered to other chapters earlier, including membership recruitment campaigns, educational programs and more. The beta-test chapters will provide a ‘proving ground’ to confirm that efforts to better our communications, grow membership and provide a more consistent membership value are, in fact, effective and doing what they are being designed to do.


Later this month, we will welcome all chapter executives from the beta-test chapters to the FPA office in Denver for a two-day training where they will collaborate with national staff and begin deep conversations on the core areas of the OneFPA Network. This is just the beginning of a process that we believe will prove fruitful for the association and all FPA stakeholders. We look forward to reporting on the progress!


Check out the latest OneFPA Beta Blog posts!

In the beginning of the month, a post was made to the blog that provides an update on the efforts to improve the technology that powers the association. OneFPA Technology Task Force Chair Chris Draughon, CFP® and FPA Managing Director of Technology Julie Butcher dig into the work of the committee, why change is needed to improve our technology, and what is planned as the beta-test kicks off this month.


Also, because it’s important to continue hearing directly from chapter leaders who are engaged in the beta-test, a new video post provides the thoughts of FPA of Illinois leaders on why they applied to be part of the beta-test and what they hope their participation will mean for their chapter and all of FPA. We look forward to sharing their thoughts―and those of the other beta-test chapter leaders―as we progress through the beta-test. We thank all of those volunteer leaders for their active participation in this process and look forward to their contributions this year!


An Update on the 2020 OneFPA Committees

National and chapter leaders will power the various committees that will guide the implementation of the OneFPA Network vision and the beta-test with 11 participating chapters. With a focus on ensuring all voices and perspectives are included, the OneFPA committees include national board members and designees, chapter leaders, outside experts as appropriate, and staff.


We want to thank all of the outstanding volunteer leaders for their commitment to FPA and the profession. Their efforts in 2020 will help ensure the association is on a positive path forward as we work to live into our Primary Aim: to elevate the profession that transforms lives through the power of financial planning.


OneFPA Transition Task Force

  • Mike Shockley, CFP® ― Chair, Board member/designee  (FPA of Dallas/Fort Worth)

  • Kim Bridges, CFP® ― Board member/designee (FPA of Greater Phoenix)

  • Kevin Clark, CFP® ― Chapter leader (FPA of Central Ohio)

  • John Crosby, CFP® ― Chapter leader (FPA of New Jersey)

  • Susan Danzig ― Board member/designee (FPA of the East Bay)

  • Jason Kley, CFP® ― Chapter leader (FPA of Minnesota)

  • Dennis Moore, CFP® ― Board member/designee (FPA of Dallas/Fort Worth)

  • Howard Pressman, CFP® ― Chapter leader (FPA of the National Capital Area)


OneFPA Advisory Council Executive Committee

  • Byrke Sestok, CFP® ― Chair (FPA of Greater Hudson Valley)

  • Christopher Boyd, CFP® ― (FPA of Massachusetts)

  • Autumn Campbell, CFP® ― (FPA NexGen)

  • Craig Carnick, CFP® ― (FPA of Southern Colorado)

  • William Cerynik, CFP® ― (FPA of Greater Phoenix)

  • Catherine Seeber, CFP® ― (FPA of the Philadelphia Tri-State Area)

  • Kris Tower, CFP ― (FPA of Colorado)

  • Skip Schweiss― (FPA Board Liaison)


OneFPA Staffing Coordination Committee

  • Molly Balunek, CFP® ― Chair (FPA of Northeast Ohio)

  • Claudia Cypher-Kane, CFP® ― Board member/designee (FPA of Northern California)

  • Susan Danzig ― Board member/designee (FPA of the East Bay)

  • Nathan Greene, CFP® ― (FPA of Middle Tennessee)

  • Nick Maningas, CFP® ― (FPA of the Philadelphia Tri-State Area)

  • James Passarelli, CFP® ― (FPA of Colorado)


OneFPA Technology Task Force

  • Chris Draughon, CFP® ― Chair (FPA of Northeast Florida)

  • Molly Balunek, CFP® ― Board member/designee (FPA of Northeast Ohio)

  • Kim Bridges, CFP® ― Board member/designee (FPA of Greater Kansas City)

  • Carol Bobke ― Chapter leader (FPA of Orange County)

  • Karl Frank, CFP® ― Chapter leader (FPA of Colorado)

  • Joe Grimes, CAE ― Chapter leader (FPA of Florida)

  • Jessica Hawthorne  ― Chapter leader (FPA of Minnesota)

  • Dan Skiles ― Board member/designee (FPA of San Diego)

  • Wayne Tillman, CRPC®  ― Chapter leader (FPA of the Triangle)


OneFPA Resource Coordination Committee

  • Dick Power, CFP® ― Chair, Board member/designee (FPA of Massachusetts)

  • Jason Alderson, CFP® ― Chapter leader (FPA of Colorado)

  • Tiffany Beard, CFP® ― Chapter leader (FPA of Florida)

  • Lisa Casciaro, CFP® ― Chapter leader (FPA of New Jersey)

  • Brandon Davis, CFP® ― Chapter leader (FPA of Charlotte)

  • James Lee, CFP® ― Board member/designee (FPA of Northeastern New York)

  • Jason Plank, CFP®  ― Board member/designee (FPA of Minnesota)

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