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Why is having one technology platform so important? 

We live in a digital age where messaging, content integration, community and every aspect of FPA is delivered at some level through technology. Without a unified technology approach, the ability to elevate the member experience is severely hampered. An integrated technology platform will give us a fuller picture about our members, allowing us to create programs and services that drive value in membership. It also supports a consistent member experience. 

Do we have the expertise and resources to integrate our technical needs across FPA communities, including our digital assets like websites?  

Other associations with many communities, geographic and otherwise, integrate their digital assets. It requires the right kind of assessment and expertise to do the job well. We have secured the services of DelCor ( to help support us in designing an aligned and integrated technology solution. DelCor provides technology solutions and has completed extensive work with many associations similar to what FPA will require. DelCor will be working with the OneFPA Technology Task Force and other committees to assess needs, then design, test and implement a technology solution that meets the OneFPA Network vision. 

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