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Why should all staff, national and local, be FPA employees or independent contractors of FPA? 

In volunteer driven organizations, staff is a critical component of creating an effective system that counter-balances the limited and transitory time of volunteer leaders. Without all staff becoming employees or independent contractors of FPA, there will not be sufficient integration and alignment of all the strategic and operational components of the entire system. Also, having all staff be FPA employees will help shift the “us” versus “them” culture to a more collaborative “we” culture.     

Does the role of local staff change under the OneFPA Network? 

The fundamental role of local staff under the OneFPA Network model remains the same and that is to be dedicated and in service to the local board and the local community. That means local staff is completely vested in local community success while being deeply connected to resources and support from all corners of FPA.  

Do we get to keep our current chapter executive and oversee the chapter executive’s role, compensation and performance?

There are no plans to remove or change chapter executives when the transition occurs to the OneFPA Network. The OneFPA Network is intended to support the work of TNC executives and enhance their ability to serve their local TNCs. The compensation of TNC executives is handled by each TNC through their individuated business planning and budget process. Under the new system, while the TNC must submit its business plan and budget for review by the OneFPA Resource Coordination Committee, this review is not an approval process but rather intended to provide another level of expertise and support. Since TNC executives must serve the needs of their TNCs, TNC leaders will have the primary role in the performance evaluation and hiring processes, which will include determining local staff responsibilities. TNCs will have significant input in evaluating staff as part of a coordinated annual review process. 

Must chapter executives become FPA staff and will they be designated as employees or independent contractors?  

Current chapter staff must become FPA staff. The existing chapter executive designation as an “employee” or “independent contractor” will be transitioned to the same designation under the OneFPA Network unless legal considerations require a shift.  

How will FPA “national” staff integrate with “TNC” staff?

Through in-person and virtual meetings, and the resources and training available through the Leadership Institute, all FPA staff, whether they are local or national, will be involved in regular strategic, administrative and cultural orientations, sharing of best practices and content-driven meetings. In this way, all staff will become part of a larger team, more familiar with each other and the resources available through FPA.   

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