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What is the intent of the OneFPA Network?

The intent of the OneFPA Network is to increase alignment and integration within FPA to better leverage human and financial resources, improve communications, elevate FPA’s relevance and enhance the member experience. Exploring the OneFPA Network possibilities began several years ago when chapter leaders approached FPA with concerns about the chapter system. While assessing the current situation and anticipating the challenges that volunteer associations like FPA will face in the future, the OneFPA Network emerged as the best path forward.

Is transformational change needed?

Over the years, we have made incremental changes to the chapter system but have not gained substantial benefit in efficiencies and enhancements in the member experience. National and local leaders who have been assessing the dynamic challenges facing FPA determined that transformational changes—not incremental changes—in how FPA operates and is structured are needed. The OneFPA Network goal is to determine how to best leverage over 2,000 volunteer leaders, 89 legal entities, over 100 national and local staff, and limited financial resources to create an exceptional member experience in a highly competitive and crowded landscape.

What are the foundational principles of the OneFPA Network?

To create more alignment and integration, there are two foundational principles that the OneFPA Network is based on—Participatory Governance and Centralized Functionality.

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