OneFPA Network Beta-Test Application

We believe that a test-and-learn approach – with an ample timeframe – positions the OneFPA Network well for long-term, sustainable success. With this in mind, three key pillars comprise our approach to implementing the OneFPA Network vision together. 


Pillar One

A two-year beta-test of the centralized functionality provisions (technology, accounting/ finance, and staffing) will be conducted with 10 chapters — beginning in January 2020 — to adequately assess what might be implemented across the entire chapter system. 

Pillar Two

Strategic Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will enable FPA, beta-test chapters, and all stakeholders to determine the efficacy of the centralized functionality provisions that are part of the beta-test, as measurement will be critical to success.  

Pillar Three

FPA will report the beta-test process and progress made on measures outlined in the KPIs through all appropriate communications channels to continue ongoing transparency. 

All chapters are invited to apply to participate in the two-year beta test – applications are due September 15. 

The resources below provide additional information about how your chapter can be involved and what you can expect from participating in the process. 


Ready to apply for your chapter to participate? 

There are two easy ways to apply:


  1. Click here to apply online.


  2. Click here to complete the application, and email to us at after you complete it. 

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