What's Next?

We need your help to ensure we are advancing the OneFPA Network thoughtfully and with purpose. The following are things chapter leaders can do now that will make a critical difference:

Educate Your Boards  
As part of a ‘Listening Tour’ that will take place November 13, 2018, through February 22, 2019, FPA chapter boards are invited to meet with FPA leaders to discuss the vision of the OneFPA Network and provide input and feedback.


Visit SignupGenius to select a single date and time for your chapter board to participate in a virtual visit by FPA leaders. Provide the name of your chapter and names and emails of participating chapter board members so everyone receives a confirmation email and link to the meeting. If your chapter is need of an alternative date/time not offered here, contact Kristine Mazzullo at kmazzullo@onefpa.org to indicate your desired date/time. 

Chapter Input on Needs and Practices   
FPA has secured the services of DelCor (delcor.com) and RSM (rsmus.com) to support FPA’s OneFPA Network path toward an aligned and integrated technology solution and centralized accounting and operational systems.

DelCor and RSM will begin conducting an assessment of the needs, challenges and opportunities toward designing solutions to address the operational vision of the OneFPA Network. As part of this assessment — from November 2018 through February 2019 — FPA will look to connect DelCor and RSM with FPA chapter leaders to gather information and input about chapter needs and practices in these key areas.


Your chapter’s participation and information sharing is strongly encouraged and appreciated during this important assessment period.

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