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FPA volunteer leaders, members and communities are the lifeblood of our association.

Here are several ways you can get involved in the OneFPA Network today.

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OneFPA Network News

The following is a report that was prepared by the consultant group Executive Wisdom Institute in April 2014. The consultants were hired after several requests by chapter leaders to examine FPA’s chapter system and the relationship between the chapters and national. The report began the process of a deeper dive examination over several years of FPA’s chapter system that eventually led to the development of the draft OneFPA Network plan that is being shared now with FPA stakeholders.



As an FPA volunteer, you can help move the OneFPA Network forward and help assure this bold vision becomes a reality. 

Become a OneFPA Network Champion 
Champions are active members and volunteer leaders who clearly see the OneFPA Network vision and potential, and who have the desire to advocate for and facilitate change.
Sound like you? 

Contact Todd Stanard and Ben Lewis at OneFPANetwork@OneFPA.org to let us know you want to be a Champion!

Volunteer for a OneFPA Committee or Task Force 
In the spirit of ‘participatory governance’ we are looking for FPA leaders who are willing to serve on one of the many committees and task forces that will be helping design the OneFPA Network. Click HERE to learn about volunteer opportunities today!

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