On April 16, FPA announced the Second Iteration of the OneFPA Network Draft Plan and the start of a 45-day comment period, which runs through May 30.

Through a robust listening and feedback process, FPA learned about stakeholder support and concerns regarding the OneFPA Network draft plan and adopted critical, desired adjustments while maintaining the OneFPA Network intent to deliver a consistent and indispensable member experience, empower volunteer leaders, and elevate the profession of financial planning.

The links below and resources on this site are intended to help our stakeholders understand the Second Iteration of the OneFPA Network Draft Plan and what’s next.


Overview Videos


The OneFPA Network


To ensure FPA’s viability, strength, impact and relevance for current and future members and volunteers.


A transformative reorganization that unites FPA and its communities through greater alignment and integration. 


By dramatically increasing leadership participation in FPA and robustly beta-testing coordination and collaboration of key functions. 

FPA is a vibrant association with more than 2,000 passionate volunteer leaders working to deliver value to members while shaping the financial planning profession in the spirit of our Primary Aim: To elevate the profession that transforms lives through the power of financial planning.


And while FPA offers a robust set of services and programs nationally and through our network of 88 chapters and state councils, there are landscape issues for national voluntary professional membership associations that FPA must proactively address to ensure it is strongly positioned to fulfill its Primary Aim for current and future generations of financial planners. 

The reality is that the landscape has changed so much in recent years that FPA has to change with it. A technology-driven economy, competition from the non-profit and for-profit sectors, and the rapidly changing demographics of potential members—not to mention the increased business diversity of our membership base—are critical issues that FPA, and all voluntary membership associations, must address. 

The OneFPA Network draft plan is a complete reorganization of the entire FPA enterprise that allows all key functional areas to work more closely together while simultaneously institutionalizing a process to include more chapter leader input into the strategic direction-setting of FPA. Given the landscape issues we face, we believe this a worthwhile and necessary endeavor. 

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